The X-LITE end terminal has saved lives and reduced the number and severity of injuries sustained from automobile accidents. And, numerous states that use the X-LITE on their roads have confirmed that they’ve had no negative experiences.

In 2011, the FHWA issued a Safety Eligibility Letter reporting that the X-LITE passed all applicable standards and criteria. In 2017, the FHWA re-confirmed that finding in response to a request that the agency reexamine the X-LITE.

It is important to note that guardrail end terminals are designed to mitigate the risk of hitting fixed objects such as utility poles, steep embankments, concrete barriers, and other unyielding objects when a driver fails to stay on the road, but they cannot eliminate all the risks involved with an unintended exit. A variety of factors contribute to the potential for injury when this happens, such as speed, the angle at which a vehicle makes impact, and whether road safety equipment is installed and maintained properly.


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