The X-Lite system is a redirective, gating end terminal in accordance with the definitions in the National Cooperative Highway Research Program Report 350 (NCHRP Report 350). The system has been tested in tangent and flared configurations and performs in an acceptable manner in accordance with the guidelines of NCHRP Report 350 at Test Level 3 (100 km/h). The X-Lite system is designed to absorb or re-direct the impact energy of an errant vehicle in accordance with NCHRP Report 350 guidelines for redirective, gating terminals and crash cushions. The system is designed to attach to the ends of guardrail systems.


The X-Lite system has been tested in tangent and flared configurations in accordance with the guidelines of NCHRP Report 350 at Test Level 3 (100 km/h). The FHWA published Safety Eligibility Letter CC-120 finding the X-Lite acceptable for use on America’s roadways and eligible for Federal transportation funding on September 7, 2011.

The crash tests matrix for the X-Lite system was developed in consultation with the FHWA’s Office of Safety Design. The following tests were conducted to validate the crashworthiness of the X-LITE: NCHRP Report 350 test designations 3-31 and 3-35 were conducted on the flared system at 27 5/8 inches high and test 3-30 was run using a rail height of 31 inches; tests 3-31 and 3-30 were also run on the tangent system. Each of these tests is briefly described in the FHWA’s Safety Eligibility Letter CC-120.

Crash tests were performed in compliance with federal laws and guidelines at Safe Technologies, Inc., an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of Lindsay Transportation Solutions. Safe Technologies, Inc. is ISO certified and inspected twice each year by independent evaluators. The facility is fully accredited by FHWA to collect and present all test results, including data and video, to FHWA along with applications for approval.


Lindsay is an experienced infrastructure supplier who delivers international expertise and quality, and meets safety standards. Lindsay hosts a “Road Safety Tour” for state and federal Department of Transportation officials, road safety equipment distributors, and road safety equipment contractors (who are responsible for installation), offering demonstrations of the latest innovations in crash cushions and terminals. Lindsay Transportation Solutions Team members have crash cushions and end terminals available for both training and for demonstration. Lindsay also offers a mobile app with training and installation information to customers which has been translated into four languages: English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Lindsay Transportation Solutions provides an installation manual with each purchase of the X-Lite Guardrail End Terminal and offers free, on-site training and follow-up for contractors and departments of transportation. Manuals are provided for flared or tangent installation.


The responsibilities highlighted above are non-exhaustive and are intended to highlight certain limited responsibilities associated with certain roles in the road safety ecosystem.


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